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Leadership Is� now the revised version reveals the quality of your leadership, what kind of leader you can be, and provides winning strategies and practical techniques for leaders at any stage of life and career. If you are a leader, you are creating your legacy. Leadership Is will help you finish well.


by Glen Aubrey
Revised Version
Creative Team Publishing

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�Glen Aubrey�s book, Leadership Is�, provides the most significant new insights into the making of an effective leader I�ve seen in years. As one who manages 17,000 people in a large local government, I am constantly looking for fresh solutions to the myriad of issues and challenges I encounter as a leader each day. After reading this book, I can already see my organization heading to the next level!�
� Walter F. Ekard
- Chief Administrative Officer,
County of San Diego

�This is not just another management book. Glen has crafted a living, breathing, practical plan to improve communication and productivity and inspire leadership at all levels. It�s a message that should not be ignored. I�ve seen these principles in action.
They work!�
� Mark Larson - President, San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association

�With great difficulty, many have analyzed and some have well defined at least the qualities of leadership. Glen Aubrey superbly takes his readers into the more challenging domain of how to accomplish it.�
� David A. Fisher - Managing Partner, Fisher Thurber LLP

�We have a choice in how we lead. Glen Aubrey, in his book Leadership Is� lays out a road map to navigate these choices. As we follow his advice and become more intentional in our dealings with others, we are shown how to �Lead well, and build people for life.� �
� Dr. Rick Hicks - President, Operation Mobilization USA

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